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In search of innovation we were looking for a project to combine QVT, health, cohesion, solidarity and performance. Squadeasy allowed us to set up a challenge to meet all these criteria at a European level, allowing us to mobilize all employees.


How Squadeasy allowed L'Oréal to quickly and effectively engage a population that is deemed difficult to integrate: Generation Y around a health and well-being challenge reflecting the group's values. Discover all the results of the study on the levers of engagement of the challenge here:

Squadeasy brings us closer within the company and boosts team spirit. As I don't usually run much, the app will push me to run more often or for longer. And why not organize activities together...


Les Foulées de l'Immobilier and Squadeasy have set up a challenge that precedes the course to allow employees to train and motivate themselves together for the event.

Since 2016 Mandarin Hotel organizes the "Colleague Wellness Week": over a week, employees are sensitized to several topics such as Tai Chi, climbing or ethology. In 2017, Squadeasy was chosen to motivate and unite the teams on a week of sports challenge.

Every year, Deloitte organizes a sports weekend, the Derby, featuring teams of six in night orientation races and other challenges. For its 2018 edition, Deloitte engaged the participants upstream of the event thanks to a Squadeasy challenge, generating cohesion and sense of belonging.

The Run & Fun challenge for its second edition in 2018 attracted a strong involvement, + 35% compared to 2017, 71% of active employees on the application.


Since Hanes France has been running with the HbImpulse app created by Squadeasy, our teams have run 21,655km in 4 months and collected 21,655 products for our associative partner Agence du Don en Nature! A shared pride within the organization.


Last February, Zodiac Aerospace's 32,500 employees joined Safran. In early June, a unifying project called "Go Safran", a white brand Squadeasy, was launched on the theme of sport to support their integration into the Group.

Race For Vision, a sports app that promotes team spirit for L'OCCITANE Group employees. For this third edition, L'OCCITANE has chosen to highlight the commitment to the sight of its Foundation through weekly challenges to employees to unlock budget envelopes.

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Team cohesion and sports are at there for the Fi running challenge.

Entitled My Challenge TFO, the Squadeasy challenge aims to encourage Val de Fontenay employees to practice physical activity in a fun and motivating way.

A company at the forefront of the latest digital trends, Digitas naturally chose Squadeasy with the Run For Digitas challenge

Beyond borders, AG2R LA MONDIALE launches the Squadeasy program on the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Pacific areas.

Walking, cycling, running, nutrition health quizzes are the ingredients for a fun and collaborative experience at Davricourt

Thanks to the Squadeasy / Garmin partnership, Paris Habitat employees use their smartphone or a Garmin wristband to earn points for their team in a multi-activity Squadeasy experience.

The Grand Hospital of Charleroi works for the well-being of its employees by involving all services in a fun and connected challenge of physical activity throughout the year 2018. An example of cohesion and commitment.

As part of its commitment to combat the sedentary lifestyle of its employees, B2V has implemented since 2017 a challenge Squadeasy 100% walking. Thanks to the partnership with Garmin, all employees are equipped with a pedometer.

The French Federation of Sport Company (FFSE) and Squadeasy partner to move companies ... Ready to challenge your company?

For the second edition of the "Happy Feet" challenge, the Opcalia's "Comité d'Entreprise" has relied on Squadeasy to engage all of its employees in metropolitan France and DOMTOM in a physical activity and CSR challenge.

"Pleins gaz !" Tthe fun and collaborative challenge within the Scott Safety Group for a year under the sign of team cohesion.

More than 80% participation in the "Challenge sport and well-being" within CEA Grenoble.

Walking, running, cycling and Garmin for CPMS MGD employees for a sporting year with Squadeasy

"With CARL we move!" a one-year challenge set up by the CARL Group Works Council to fight sedentariness.

The financial professions have their solution to relax and weld employees, with the implementation of Squadeasy: move together while having fun.

Squadeasy is the partner of every employee in the company. Thanks to the daily Health / Nutrition Quizzes, employees earn more points for their team and improve their general knowledge while having fun.

The Modenr'Ensemble challenge has been set up within Borwn Forman as part of the CSR policy. This challenge has allowed a real emulation among employees, who were motivated for a month to move more, to use stairs, and has been a real driving force for cohesion between the participants.

The Nutri-forme challenge has been set up within Nestlé in order to motivate employees to adopt better lifestyles habits. This challenge allowed employees, even the less athletic ones, to be motivated to move together.

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